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Mainly used as an alternative and complimentary treatment, it is effective against various health problems, being it physical, emotional or spiritual. The healing process is based on the chakra points of our body, each represented by a color. Red, for example, is the root chakra and it helps with energy and vitality issues, fighting fatigue and sexual problems, among others.

Inspired by this ancient practice, Ritual Cosmetics offers seven gel Spheres, indicated for massages and Chromotherapy. Heat it up or cool it down, put it in touch with your body and let the healing energy of colors flow through you.


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How can each Sphere help me?

  spheres white 300 Crystal: Indicated for anti-inflammatory and bactericidal purposes. It works as a sedative of the motor nerves and lymphatic system. Combats pneumonia, cough, asthma, and other respiratory-related issues. Reduces skin irritation, sciatic pain, stress and anxiety. Eliminates toxins and stimulates the production of leukocytes. Enforces spirituality, which is good for concentration and meditation.

spheres pink 300  Pink: Heals grief and sadness, emanating a sense of well-being, courage to face obstacles and youthfulness. Vital for feminine beauty, strengthening feelings such as peace, friendship, emotional love and softness.

spheres purple 300  Purple: Helps against melancholy, hysteria, delusions, feeling of irritation, preoccupation and panic, while inflicting a sensation of peace and love. Improves the power of meditation and focus. Acts in the respiratory system, as well as in the blood flow, eliminating toxins.

spheres blue 300    Blue: Indicated for sedative, coagulant and cell regeneration purposes. Also helps against impurities of the skin, such as pimples. Provides jovial appearance and it has a soothing effect in the nervous tensions. Acts directly in the blood circulation, nervous and muscular systems. It stimulates the senses, increases intuition and radiates tranquility.

spheres green 300  Green: Linked with the heart chakra. Cures hormonal imbalances, purifies from germs and bacteria and increases immunity against diseases. Acts in the blood pressure, stomach, liver and gall, which helps the digestive system. Strengthens the nervous system.

spheres yellow 300  Yellow: Heals skin infections. It is also indicated for the regeneration of bones and fortification of the body. Strengthen the nerves and the intellect. This color can be used for conditions of the stomach, liver and intestines. Fights kidney stones and increases the levels of phosphorus and sodium. Works well for those who need confidence, mental clarity and cheerfulness.

spheres red 300  Red: It energizes all organs and the senses of hearing, smell, taste, vision and touch. Helps activating blood flow and the nervous system. Red liberates adrenalin and increases sexual desire and ovulation. Combats colds without fever. Relieves the fatigue and brightens up rheumatic pains. It is excellent for anemia, blood-related conditions and it releases stiffness and constrictions.


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